While working as a Creative assistant at FLOOR_STORY, I was given the opportunity to designed my very first rug. This design was inspired by an artwork I created several years ago.

I wanted to create a final rug design that was simple but with a big impact. The design was heavily inspired by art deco patterns but rather than going with the streamline metallic look I wanted the rug to have a cosy feel to it. Which is why I used a retro 70’s colour palette to bring balance to the bold shapes and lines in the pattern.

The final product is a GoodWeave certified rug in 220cm x 300cm hand knotted (80 knots), Tibetan wool and natural silk rug with low pile loop accents. Visit FLOOR_STORY‘s website to get your own Marmalade rug!

This rug will be featured at London Design Fair 2019. Make sure to visit FLOOR_STORY’s booth (19-22 Sep’2019) at the Old Truman Brewery, London E1 6QR.

Featured in Cover Magazine‘s Summer 2019 issue.

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