Küe Nastar

Küe Nastar is my passion project combining two of my favourite things – design and baking Indonesian deserts. I decided to start my own small business while living in Bogotá, Colombia. During time off from my graphic design freelance jobs I developed the brand identity and graphics that best represents the products I was creating. I was able to explore and improve my branding skills while baking my favourite Indonesian desserts! Down the road, I wanted to learn more about merchandising and styling – I decided to expand my products from just cakes to textile related items focusing on a reflection of my Indonesian heritage.

A screenshot of Küe Nastar’s website
“Lunch box” style packaging for Küe Nastar’s cakes: coconut sesame-seed brownie
Packaging design for a more delicate pastry: Balinese milk pie
Keeping in theme with the Indonesian deserts – I also designed totebags and sweaters drawing inspiration from my Javanese heritage. This totebag uses fabric with traditionally painted batik patterns from Java.
This sweater has hand embroidered text in old Javanese script that says “alang-alang dudu aling-alang” which mean, obstacles are not barriers.

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