Before graduating from Swinburne University (Australia), with a Bachelor degree in Interior Design (2013), I interned at Hadiprana Architects as an interior designer where I worked on some of the firm’s commercial and residential projects.

Santika Hotel, Bali, Indonesia: Santika Hotel is a hotel and resort chain across Indonesia. For this luxury hotel project in Bali, I was tasked with creating an artwork, based on the interior decorations shown in the room above, for use in other parts of the hotel. The goal was to create an original artwork that reflects the local culture and traditional Balinese weave-work.

above: Artwork I created based on traditional Balinese weave-work which was used as inspiration for Santika Hotel’s room interior decoration.
above: Interior decoration render for Santika Hotel’s deluxe room.

One Otium Residence, Jakarta, Indonesia: Another interiors project I worked on at Hadiprana Architects was One Otium Residence – a luxury apartment complex. At the early stages of this project, I worked on floor plan renders, focusing mainly on the materials, textures and colours for the main entrance, outdoor communal spaces and apartment show units.

above: One Otium Residence – Lobby floor plan render.
above: One Otium Residence – Outdoor Terrace floor plan render.
above: One Otium Residence – Apartment Unit floor plan render.

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