Future Sunset

Entry for Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019: This artwork is my interpretation of a sunset. I wanted to translate the emotional sensation of watching the sun set in a city setting: the sun falls while creating a warm orange glow in the sky, the air becomes cooler while the background turns dark blue, but not before seeing the purple hue between the building in the distant cityscape. I was interested in striking balance and calm using gradients and textures especially because the artwork hosts very asymmetrical shapes and contrasting colours in its design. I enjoy playing with colour blocking and textures to create designs that appear multidimensional.

I started with a hand-drawn sketch to develop the composition and shapes showcased in the artwork. I scanned my sketch and used it as a stencil to re-draw the outlines on Illustrator where I completed the entire artwork. With an idea of the visual aesthetic I wanted for the piece, I began working in layers to add colour gradients and textures to the shapes. I wanted each component have an impact – as individual shapes and as an entire composition. Working with many layers allowed me to achieve the multidimensional aspect using simple lines, colour blocking, gradients and a striking background.

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